Gabriel Patrick-Orla Cooper is  a Brooklyn, NY based graphic designer, illustrator, writer, and time travel "expert". He has written several plays (Outstanding Eight, Understanding Emily), a short film (You Can't Write This Shit), a sci-fi novella (One Month, Years Ago), and countless concepts for comic books/graphic novels. In addition to working with the Michigan State University's Department of Theatre and the Chicago-based Refuge Theatre Project, Gabe has freelanced as a designer for both film and theatrical posters. Currently he is in the process of developing a novel 2.5 years in a development titled Sober In Space.  When he's  not designing, writing, or sketching doodles of absurd extraterrestrials, Gabe is hard at work constructing the world's first fully functional time machine*. A fan of both Luciano Pavarotti and Celine Dion, Gabe finds it hard not to love the 1997 hit duet I Hate You Then I Love You.  Also, big fan of Marvel's Thanos and Doctor Octopus.  Before moving to Brooklyn, he lived in East Lansing, MI where he co-owned and operated his own comic shop,  Hollow Mountain Comics & Games.

*Mostly he's just read a lot of books about time travel and figures that it'd be pretty nifty to have one for himself.