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Book Covers

Be seen. Be read.


A generous statistic suggests that around four million—yes, four million—books are published each year. Whether your book is being released by one of the leading publishing houses or you’re eager to self publish and just get it out there—you want your book to be seen. Cover, spine, back, and interior all play a part in the process of not only attracting a potential reader, but making sure they decide to take your story home with them. Let me help make that decision a little easier by designing and consulting on the perfect package for your first or fiftieth book.  


With Posters

Movies. Music. Monsters.

Half of the enjoyment of the movie-going experience is the poster. At least, it is for me. Whether a teaser, final, or the hit-or-miss character posters, that's how I'm sold on a movie. And I'm sure I'm not alone. Here, I would insert statistics of viewers who watch a movie solely based on the poster, but that information doesn't exist! So instead of statistics, please take a look at the nifty designs I've showcased below.